My latest roundhouse at Hermitage Primary 

Following a very hot summer, not the best conditions for roof working, a 5.5 meter diameter roundhouse was finished in Hermitage. The kids and teachers are delighted.


Minstead roundhouse completed December 2020

An epic take down and rebuild, impeded by lockdown and lower volunteer numbers than expected.

I made the porch structure slightly higher to make access easier, during this rebuild several experiments were carried out, burning post ends and using different daub mixtures. The thatch was 50% recycled from the original.

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Dudsbury Guide campsite  completed summer 2019

When I arrived at Dudsbury their 6m roundhouse was in a sorry state, the pitch was too low on the roof and it had begun to cave in I stripped the thatch salvaging as much as possible then added a supporting internal structure before running the rafters to the floor, this was done to protect the already sagging walls as huge amounts of work had been done by guides and brownies daubing them. The roof is effectively autonomous from the walls.  We rounded it off with a lovely clay oven.


Langley Heritage primary. completed summer 2018

A five meter roundhouse built as an outdoor classroom.


My good friend Andrew Firth  suggested that these would make good glamping structures, so we dressed the roundhouse to give an idea of what it could be like


Heathlands school,  completed summer 2017

Completed this 4m build in July 2017, very pleased with the results, daubing was done by pupils in the school during the last few weeks of term.


Bearwood school completed summer 2017

This is a 4 meter roundhouse, the frame was built by parents and volunteers, I completed the thatching, this month repairs have been made to bird damage.


Cashmore build nearing completion 

With help from Nigel Turton  the thatch is now finished.

This project was a social enterprise and will be used as a base for school groups visiting the farm to learn about Organic farming and history.

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Or I can build you a bespoke round house

If you would like me to build you a roundhouse or would like me to run a similar course for your organisation please get in touch.



8 thoughts on “Roundhouses

    • Sounds great I can’t build until next spring. I can send you some ideas re budget, my time + materials so that you can work on charging. It will also be necessary to contact your planning officer As it may need permission. If this is the case you should add approximately £400 to the costing. Am away with Boy Scouts in Wales until the 17th and will get back I touch with you then with breakdown of figures.


    • Sorry for the delay in response, my daughter has been very poorly and I have had to take extended time off work. This will continue to be an issue into the new year. Next year I have several projects including some within the woodland. I’m building a tree house a tarp roofed workshop camp kitchen and updating my fire circle. You would be welcome to come and camp in the woods there is very restricted access and its truly off grid.


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  3. So glad I found you Anthony. When I return to united kingdom in three years, I will talk to you, hopefully work and learn from you. Thank you for doing what you do. So valuable.


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