Cashmore build nearing completion 

With help from Nigel Turton  the thatch is now finished. the daub is about half done, If you would like to help out please drop me a line.  The daubing is a great fun way to spend a few hours.

This project is a social enterprise and will be used as a base for school groups visiting the farm to learn about Organic farming and history. The project is funded through training courses which pays for my time only. Materials being provided mainly by the landowner.

Kids sessions during the Summer holidays, £15 per child / day. Will be daubing and thatching so expect lots of chalky children! Family special £30. Any day except Tuesdays arrange a date and join the fun!!

Adult sessions Also available

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RH build add

poster courtesy of Naomi at The web booth

Or I can build you a bespoke round house

RH course add

If you would like me to build you a roundhouse or would like me to run a similar course for your organisation please get in touch.


3 thoughts on “Roundhouses

    • Sounds great I can’t build until next spring. I can send you some ideas re budget, my time + materials so that you can work on charging. It will also be necessary to contact your planning officer As it may need permission. If this is the case you should add approximately £400 to the costing. Am away with Boy Scouts in Wales until the 17th and will get back I touch with you then with breakdown of figures.


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