Over the past 22 years I have been developing my skills in ancient and rural crafts, its about time I made a little money out of it!  Below you will find some of the items I have produced over the last 9 years . I am available for bespoke projects as well. If its rustic and involves wood I can do it.

  • Alternative structures and Roundhouses
  • Composting Toilets
  • Coppice wood and softwood supplied to specification
  • Bespoke fencing and gates
  • Dorset hurdles, sussex gate hurdles
  • Garden furniture
  • Hedge laying
  • Pea sticks and bean poles

Alternative structures

Sunken sub roman building at Upton country park, built using techniques used at the time. Roof Chestnut shingles, Fram chestnut and Oak salvaged from a burned down roman building on the site.



Cantilevered dipping platform at Carymoor Environmental centre in Somerset




I cut my teeth making roundhouses at the Ancient technology centre teaching about Ancient history and building interpretations of ancient structures. If you would like me to build a roundhouse for you please get in touch.  All houses are bespoke a rough price guide is £7000 for a 4m roundhouse.  (Planning may be required).

Perfect for
  • Glamping / outdoor sleeping space
  • Outdoor dining
  • Chill out space
  • Massage or yoga space.

I have a model for enabling community groups / social enterprises to get a building more cheaply.  Education sessions are also available to accompany the build and children can be involved in elements of the build process.

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 Composting toilets

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Composting toilets made to order, bespoke design, £4000 for this one.

Garden furniture


Bench for a neighbour Douglas fir £100, fitted bespoke benches for pergola POA

Hedge Laying

All types of hedge laying undertaken £5 per meter (minimum depending upon hedge condition / type)

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Powys style hedge Lake Vyrnwy, Stock proof flat land Dorset all brash fed in, Midland style Northants, teaching.

Hedging supplies 

Stakes £1 each ( larger quantity discount)

Binders or heatherings  50p each

46580C5D-5C66-4225-9153-54FB12CDF010 down/ crooked sticks  (Dorset and Devon  style) 40p each


Bespoke and continuous woven fencing 

Surround your garden with a beautiful woven hazel fence. Why not  disguise your oil tank or heat exchanger with a bespoke hurdle call for a quote.

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Traditional sheep hurdles, sussex gate hurdles, quirky gates and all types of greenwood fencing made to order 6ft wide £16.60/ foot in height. 6×6 panel £100


Garden gates

Bespoke gates in Ash, Oak and Chestnut


Ash Garden gate 4.5 ft x 4 ft £150


Oak garden gate 3ft X 3.5ft £65

Smaller Items

Trugs £15-20


Christmas decorations

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Pegs  £3


Pea sticks and Bean poles

pea sticks £6 / dozen


bean poles £10 Dozen enough to make a simple frame.

bean frame £40 installed.

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Previous work

from 2005-13 I worked at the Ancient technology centre in Cranborne Dorset. Teaching ancient history through rural crafts.I still occasionally work there


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